Cubit lets you know what’s up at a glance – be it time, weather or a holiday dance party down the hall.

Cubit is a wireless companion for your home or office that switches modes as you turn it over and expresses information with light. Cubit is an interactive lamp, clock, thermometer and disco ball (that’s really more of a cube).

Cubit - Elushika Weerakoon



Collaborated with David Al-Ibrahim and Kohzy Koh.
Duration: 3 weeks

Cubit TeamMajor role in the coding components; such as
1. The lamp to turn on when the room is dark using a photoresistor.
2. Showing the real-time on the 7-segment LED display and using the Real Time Clock (RTC) module. Making sure the time ticks forward, even without the battery.
3. The dance of the LED lights, while listening to music using a sound sensor.
4. Assisted with the assembly of the cube.



In our brainstorming sessions, we mapped out inputs and outputs to ensure what was feasible. Our features were narrowed to serve the everyday user; time, temperature, lamp and a fun feature (disco ball). Initially, we wanted to include a video screen, that would show mini clips. The projector posed many problems for us; it meant Cubit would be bigger and would have a shorter battery life.

Cubit Process

Why a cube? The cube was an easy shape to create repeatedly during our prototyping phase. It is light-weight and easy to handle in user hands.


Cubit accesses public data through its Wi-Fi component to display the time and outdoor temperature of your geo-location. A photoresistor measures ambient light to match the lamp brightness to your environment, and a sound sensor translates amplitude into a colorful light display. Its engraved panels allows you to identify and select each function by sight or touch.

One of the uniqueness of Cubit is that there isn’t a switch or knob to switch on different modes. All the sides were laser-etched with large symbols to convey the particular mode for the user.cubit-process

Time mode: Cubit will display the current time with multiple color LEDs.

Temperature mode: Cubit will display the outside temperature with corresponding led colors. For example: If the temperature ranges between 52- 62F, the led color is bright blue.

Disco mode: Cubit LEDs will dance to the beat of the music.

Lamp mode: Cubit will automatically turn on the lamp when the room is dark.



Each component was coded separately, then they were all combined. After the features were coded, we moved on to the physical build. One of our biggest challenges were fitting all the components inside a cube and making sure the internal parts did not cast a shadow, when Cubit was on. We included a reflective mirror under lights, that would minimize the shadow and brighten the LEDs.


Materials and components

Internal: Arduino Uno, breadboard, RGB LEDs, wifi shield, 7 segment display, accelerometer, sound sensor and many jumper wires. External: Acrylic



After weeks of planning, prototyping, coding and debugging, Cubit received a positive reception. We wanted to design minimalist all-in-one wireless device that was able to have time, temperature and lamp with ease of use. Alas, Cubit was born.

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