Game. Set. Match.

“Tennis is a perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquillity.”- Billie Jean King

Tennis is an elegant sport. The silence during a serve, the sound when the ball bounces of the racket and the player’s forced return is something a tennis fan appreciates. I love playing tennis, but unfortunately it is an expensive sport. I looked into joining a tennis club on several occasions and the membership fee was way out of my budget. I could have given up food and joined, but I didn’t think it was worth it.


I started looking into public tennis courts. Do you know that there are 55 locations, with multiple tennis courts here in New York City? According to the NYC parks site there are 55 locations.The NYC park website list all the courts in each borough with their location, telephone number, court types, lesson offered, and accessibility. Although the NYC part site gives you all the information you may need, it just a list. The list doesn’t display anything about tennis nor does it allow me to filter the information. After doing more digging I wasn’t able to find any sites that list all tennis courts, many were short lists without the relevant information.

I wanted to create a site to be visually appealing while the necessary information is easy to read without bombarding the user with too much information.


Color code the different boroughs and the tennis court information to show clearly without any confusion. The relevant information will be easy to read to large type and the will be included with filtering options for court types, indoor/outdoor, lessons offered, and accessibility.


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