Hi, I’m Elushika

I solve problems for users and create meaningful experiences with my multidisciplinary background in design and web development. My work involves emergency management, storytelling through AI, and immersive learning for high schoolers. I am currently completing my MFA in Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts.

During the summer, I had the amazing opportunity to work at frog (NY). Past companies include Fast Company, Cake & Arrow and Humanscale.

For future opportunities contact me at
elushika@gmail.com | 646.248.2903


My Process

1. Design Research
Research in the field, conduct user interviews and observations. Answers to questions such as; What are the user pain points? What are the actionable findings?

2. Ideation
From the discovered pain points, I would seek new opportunities and sketch new ideas as many as possible for whatever problems at hand.

3. Prototype + User testing
This phase allows seeing if an idea is sticky and solves a problem. In addition, the prototype allows me to user test and validate the idea.

4. Iterate
My design process never ends. Even with the final version, there is always room to improve with user testing.