Paris is so very beautiful that it satisfies something in you that is always hungry in America. - Ernest Hemingway

I did not know what to expect when I visited Paris for the first time. I had romanticized the city while taking my French courses. But, when I arrived, I found that the city was everything that I had imagined it would be. The striking colors, historic architecture, and unique sceneries were unforgettable. As many people do, I fell in love with the city. Even just a simple stroll on a crowded Rue de Rivoli at night was heart-warming. Once I came back to the United States, I didn’t want to forget that feeling. I started this project Doors of Paris that is inspired by Jose Guizar’s project Windows of New York. I wanted to design these doors with as much detail as possible to celebrate the beautiful city of Paris and that inimitable feeling I had when I was there.