Ever wanted to know what your font was thinking? Are they really vain about their designs? Or do they consider themselves timeless pieces?

“Fonts for Thought” is a project that I am working on that imbues a personality in these wondrous typefaces that we used every day.

This project started when I was trying to find information about a certain typeface and why or how it was created. It became frustrating when I visiting around 10 sites to find such simple information. There are encyclopedia sites that are dedicated to fonts, but they lack any visuals and even narratives. So I took matters into my own hands and decided to create a series of sites each dedicated to one font. And so “Fonts for Thought” was born.


For example, Didot was created during the French Revolution for the purpose of replacing the monarchy font. I think the purpose of Didot was a big deal, but I wasn’t able to find this information on any of the sites that were talking about Didot. Another important fact was that the Didot family created the point system to measure the fonts that we still use to this day.

I wanted these fonts to have a voice and even a personality. The accounts are written in first person and with the font’s point of view to put the reader in the font’s time era. My type web series uses the narrative form to explore the reasons behind each font’s creation and its designer. I use visuals along with the text to show the user examples and relevant images that create a narrative aesthetic perfectly tailored to each font.

Font web series: Didot, Futura, Baskerville, Helvetica, Garamond