Documenting brainstorming [1]

Last week, on Tuesday we got into groups. Each of us had 30 minutes or so to talk about our thesis topic and as a group brainstorm ideas. I was kind of excited for this exercises because I felt a bit stagnant about my ideas.

Unfortunately, when it was my turn…it was difficult. Maybe my facilitation was not good and I do admit I have a tough topic. I mentioned that I could take 2 paths: A crisis management based upon city planning and the other focusing on the residents, especially the elderly. One the comments that I received was I was too specific. Personally, I thought narrowing the topic would help, since this is a broad topic.


The ideas that came out during my brainstorm session were just improvements of my existing ideas. I was disappointed in the end as the results were not anything new.


With that said, this motivated me to talk to more of my classmates who were excited about my topic. I had a long conversation with James. He helped me work through some tough barriers. I am in a better position today and I can say I have made progress.
I also spoke to my accountability buddies (Uijun and Paola), they gave me tasks to complete based on the brainstorm session.

Tasks to complete – October 04-11

  1. Research more on other cities and countries

  2. How they deal with floods: Holland and Colombia

  3. What NYC is doing for preparedness: Download app and visit website

  4. Get some ideas from the research: Mock up and sketches