Thesis workshop at SVA-IxD


I hosted a thesis workshop today to receive feedback for my 5 ideas. I recruited 6 people from SVA, who had some knowledge of my ideas to some who had no idea what I was up to. The workshop was for 75 mins, I time-boxed each session to make good use of the time I had reserved from all.


I created worksheets for each idea.
It included sketch of idea, description, what makes this idea interesting? what thought does it represent? And other variations of that particular idea.

In each time-boxed session, I asked everyone to think about what makes the idea interesting and build on that idea.

It was a very useful workshop, it validated some of my ideas and questioned most of my assumptions. This also helped me to go towards a narrower path, meaning there was a clear favorite and the another ‘this could be an interesting idea’.

Some of the key things that I learned from the workshop was “Story telling can go so far”, “How can you change a person’s behavior with data?”, “In urban planning, local government will always be involved” and “don’t forget about cost!”

I will report back with an in-depth report of feedback and comments of each of the ideas. Stay tuned!