Thesis topic ideas

New Orleans, LA:

My second home. A beautiful city is below sea level. Icebergs are melting, sea levels are rising. New Orleans won’t be able to survive another category 5 hurricane. The city a sponge and it won’t stand longer. According to Huffington Post, Louisiana won’t be able to survive.

At the current rates that the sea is rising and land is sinking, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists say by 2100 the Gulf of Mexico could rise as much as 4.3 feet across this landscape, which has an average elevation of about 3 feet. If that happens, everything outside the protective levees — most of Southeast Louisiana — would be underwater.

20 years from now, will there be any earth to live on? Are we going to live on water?


Future of Tennis:
Watching tennis: I recently went to see the US Open and got lucky enough to sit near the courts. I got to see the magic Djokovic and the hard work of Wawrinka. It’s hard to explain being so close to the players.I was able to feel their frustration and the joy of scoring a point. I am not always this lucky scoring court seats. Two years ago, I sat in the 300 level, Serena was basically an ant. I did not experience the magic, similar to
court seats. How can I experience the court seats even when I am at home?

Playing tennis: There are tons of technology out there that allows the player to see how fast they serve? Or to see where shot the ball. Player coaches can review them and advise the player on how to improve their game. With future wearables, VR, AR and trackers how can we improve this experience?


Other ideas (in progress)

  1. Future of journalism: With drones and everything online, what is the future of news?

  2. Ergonomics: Smart furniture that will automatically adjust to the form of your body and way of sitting

  3. Blocking hate: So many problems and hate happened, because of race and religion. What if there is a way to block that?

  4. Perspective on news: What happens if you can read the news as a child’s perspective? Will it be happier?

  5. On the go medical kit during crisis.