I am Didot

Alright alright, calm down.

Gotham, Archer. You might be new kids on the block, but do you actually consider yourself useful? I mean really?

You might be fresh to look at, but guess what. They will be tired of you. They will move on to something newer.

You know why? Because you are not a classic, you are not in history books, I bet you didn’t help build a revolution. Thought so.

Move over kids. I — AM — DIDOT.

I come from prestige. I come from classical times where gentlemen’s mustaches were not just a hipster statement. I had a monarchy, granted they were all executed and the guillotine was working endlessly during that season. I was involved in the French Revolution. I am the law. I am the constitution of France.

You are here, because of me. Well not really, I don’t know what euro trash types inspired to be created in. Calm down, Helvetica you might have a movie. You do know that you are just a replication of Akzidenz Grotesque right? I saw you hiding under the table Gill Sans. You are just a disgrace. You actually bring a bad name to typographers, because of your creator.

Why do I keep having this conversation? You will all go away one day and I will be still standing here. I am timeless.

Look at me.

Look at my sharp corners and contrast. I can be used as a display. I can used to make a bold statement. I can also be used to tell a story as it was debuting from Charles Dickens brain.

You can see me on the cover of magazines, in movies, tv shows, and movies.

I am just going to sit back and enjoy my glass of wine. I come in, when they realize they made a huge mistake. You are just a future regret, while I am the solution.